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Anica Petkoska CV

My major: EFL and Literature

1976-1980, EFL and Literature Department, University Kiril and Metodij, Skopje
January- August 1995, ELI Tuscaloosa Alabama, USA: teacher training, education, reading, research

Distance Education: Portland Oregon, USA; Germany; Japan 1996, 1997, 1998

2008 Classroom 2.0
1995 -TESOL, Teachers of English as a Second Language

e-learning, ICT and Web 2.0

Working Experience in Macedonia:
2010- In-service teacher trainings
2009- EDUBUNTU- ICT in secondary school classroom ( In-service teacher trainer)
2004-2008 SEA in service teacher trainer
1996- 2000 USAID EFL teacher trainer (40 workshops)
1982- EFL Teacher SEOU Gostivar
1996- Phoenix Alpha- "English Language and Computers School", in Gostivar, Macedonia (Macedonian as a Foreign Language, Computer Assisted EFLanguage Learning
Curriculum design)
1997 Peace Corps volunteers and their counterparts training

International Working Experience and Publications:

2010 Jan 15, 16, 17 
Organized the First MaRA International Reading Association Macedonia Affiliate Conference  on literacy and education: “Crossing the Bridges of Literacy” at the FON university. Skopje
Hosted the meetings of the Federation of European Literacy Associations and IDEC. Skopje

2009, Dec 12  MacNed WIKI project, awarded 1st place at the "Microsoft Innovative Educators Forum" for Innovative Collaboration among teachers and students inside and outside the school.

2009 International Project organizer and facilitator.

2008  Macedonia and The Netherlands K  10-12 project

2008 Baltic Sea Conference, Riga Using Internet to Learn: presentation with Jeroen Clemens (the Netherlands)

2008 Riga, Latvia IDEC and FELA conference

Summer World Reading Conferences and Winter European IDEC Meetings
(2004); Bulgaria (2005); Ireland (2006); Germany (2007),
Leadership conference Romania (2008)

January-May 2008 Open Educational Resources,

WIKI project- Macedonia, The Netherlands, Ukraina, Romania 15 schools, Macedonia and the Netherlands project

15th European Conference on Reading Berlin- presentation with David Moore, Bill Brozo, Garry Moorman, Jill Lewis USA

14th EuropeanConference on Reading Budapest- presentation with David Moore, Bill Brozo, Garry Moorman, Jill Lewis USA

13th European Conference on Reading, Zagreb- presentation with David Moore, Bill Brozo, Garry Moorman, Jill Lewis USA